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Testing of systems

System testing

In most cases, the inspection of a system consists of multiple measurements carried out at different inspection points.

IZYTRONIQ enables the acquisition of electrical systems via tree structure as well as a component-oriented assignment of test results via push/print communication via Bluetooth or USB. Alternatively, the complex tree structure can be transferred bidirectionally to the test instrument. The dynamic log generation with the possibility of photo documentation supports you in generating time-saving and efficient reports.

Testing and documentation of:

  • Electrical systems according to DIN VDE 0100-600
  • Electrical systems according to DIN VDE 0105
  • Lightning protection systems according to DIN EN 62305
  • Foundation grounding electrodes according to DIN 18014
  • PV systems according to VDE 0126-23
  • E-Charging stations according to VDE 0122-1

Fields of application

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Testing a car charging station

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Testing of switch/fuse boxes