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Testing of Systems

When testing electrical systems in accordance with DIN VDE 0105 or 0100, various steps must be combined and documented together. In addition to the visual inspection of the entire system and the functional test of specified measures and safety aspects, a measurement test of the guideline and limit values to be complied with is carried out. IYZTRONIQ supports the visual inspection to detect obvious defects with the option of assigning and documenting photos of the respective tests. When testing safety-relevant elements of the system such as RCDs, scenarios are simulated to document the proper functioning of safety-relevant components. Relevant measured values are subsequently recorded and saved in the test document together with the results of all IYZTRONIQ tests.

Testing of Machines

Machines must be inspected very regularly to prevent damage that could prevent smooth operation or endanger the operator. These inspections must be fully documented in the machine documentation. The difference between IZYTRONIQ and many other inspection software solutions is that your measurement and inspection reports are not recreated from historical data in the database at runtime, but can be retrieved from the secure archive as an original PDF in an audit-proof manner using a globally unique inspection report number. Even without an IZYTRONIQ database, each report can be found under this unique number in the archive and can be opened and viewed with standard PDF viewer programs.

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Testing of equipment

When testing portable electrical equipment, the main focus is on the safety of employees, systems and devices. A professionally performed test of portable electrical equipment in accordance with DGUV V3 ensures maximum safety. It is important that the tests in accordance with DGUV V3 are carried out by a trained specialist. If the result is positive, the testing of portable devices in accordance with DGUV regulation 3 and the testing of portable electrical equipment in accordance with VDE 0701-0702 is certified with legal certainty and can be documented with the help of IYZTRONIQ. The reminder of inspection intervals with email notification helps with the planning and execution of inspections.

Testing of Medical Devices

The demands placed on medical technology are very high. The seamless testing of products during development, production and throughout their entire service life also requires the highest level of quality and precision. IZYTRONIQ supports these requirements by classifying the test specimens as medical devices and by taking into account and storing the globally unique UDI (Unique Device Identification) of the test specimen. The combination of visual, functional and measurement technology control in measurement data acquisition, in the transfer to higher-level software solutions and in standard-compliant documentation makes IYZTRONIQ the optimum testing software for use in medical institutions.

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