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The common characteristic of the Enterprise variants is working in a team. The software is installed on several computers that share the data of a database. Depending on the variant, the data can be made available both online and offline. Depending on requirements, any number of licenses for multi-user operation can be purchased.

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  • Stationary objects (machines & equipment)
  • Mobile objects (devices & medical devices)
  • Tree structure for machine and plant
  • Tree structure for devices and medical devices
  • Tree structure for locations (property, building, level & room)
  • Test equipment management
  • User administration
  • Push / Print function
  • Sequence management + Sequence editor
  • Catalog management and editing
  • Universal protocol as pdf
  • Simple list generator (pdf, Excel)
  • Red/green evaluation of the tests
  • Import of memory structure, catalogues, sequences and measurements from the test instrument
  • Export of memory structure, catalogs and sequences to the test instrument
  • Data import & export of memory structure, catalogs, sequences and measurements as XML file
  • Data import & export master data of mobile objects as CSV file
  • Extended protocol templates
  • Individual protocol template creation with Microsoft Word
  • Company logo can be integrated into the log
  • Scanned signature can be integrated into the protocol
  • Audit-proof PDFs with checksum of protocol contents as QR code
  • Protocols can be saved as PDF and Microsoft Word documents
  • Barcode generator direct with Brother P-Touch printer (accessory)
  • PROFISCAN Barcode List Generator Code 128
  • Remote function
  • Manual input of measured values
  • Images/photos can be integrated in test reports
  • Document management (attachments as Word, Excel, PDF documents or photos and images)
  • MULTI changes
  • Dashboard function on the home screen
  • Quick links
  • Analysis and trend development of similar tests of an object
  • Comprehensive statistics with percentage failure rate as PDF printout
  • Network capability - connection to external MS-SQL database (server)
  • Multi-user operation as a floating license model
  • Roles & rights management for users
  • Mask Designer & Data Field Editor to customize the application
logo izytron iq business starter

Data replication (outdoor)

ENTERPRISE Ultimate is an extension for providing and automatically synchronizing mobile data (data replication).

At least one ENTERPRISE Premium license is required for use.

Any amount of partial data can be exchanged or synchronized between the server and the mobile workstation. These partial data sets are available to the user offline at the mobile workstation, where they can be edited and subsequently synchronized.

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