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Paradigm shift in measurement and test technology

IZYTRON - Gehirn

Measuring and testing devices with IQ behave more intelligently, can be used flexibly, master additional types of objects and support new types of test functions.

IQ not only recognizes and manages connected test devices automatically, but also queries the respective functional range of the test instrument and makes this information available to IZYTRONIQ. IQ makes it possible to use measuring and test instruments in a completely new way for multiple applications. It is not the test instrument that determines the intended use, but the tester simply selects the "measuring tool" to be used for his application. Thus, measurement and test data from different test devices can be combined in one test.

At the same time the import and export of test data between IZYTRONIQ and test instrument for synchronization of the memory structures and measured values is extremely simplified and possible data conflicts are avoided in advance by intelligent data management.


Discover the whole world of possible applications of IZYTRONIQ.

Highest level auf audit compliance for measurement and test data

IZYTRON - Security

IZYTRONIQ stores your tests in a double-secured fashion within the database and as a PDF document in the archive. For reasons of traceability, important actions in interaction with the IZYTRONIQ database are logged and archived even before the test protocol is generated. Your test documents are stored in the archive as an unchangeable (original) and tamper-proof Class A PDF file. In addition, each test report contains a QR code with the respective checksum of the log content.

The difference compared to many other test software solutions lies in the fact that your measurement and test reports are not created from historical data in the database at runtime, but can be retrieved as original PDF files from the saved archive using a test report number that is unique worldwide. Even without the IZYTRONIQ database, each protocol can be found in the archive under this unique number and can be opened and viewed with standard PDF viewer programs.

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